Our Products

At Light a Dream, we have a wide variety of products to chose from. All of the poured candles are done by our students in the program. As well, we import many of the fabulous holders from many famous named suppliers. Our prices are very competitive and each one of your purchases helps our young people establish an appreciation for the challenge of entrepreneurship and the necessary steps for launching and maintaining a business. Please take a look at what we have to offer and stop by our store, or you can fax, telephone, or email in an order or inquiry.

 We sell:

  • Hand-rolled beeswax candles

  • Scented and unscented votives

  • Scented and unscented tea lights, and pillars

  • Gel candles

  • Soaps


  • A wide variety of candle holders

  • Customized and corporate orders

  • Gift baskets

  • Wedding gifts and bonbonnieres


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