The "Light A Dream" program attempts to meet many objectives in order meet the educational and vocational goals of our students.


  • To ease the transition from college to the world of work
  • To meet the concerns of the parents as their children move towards autonomy and adulthood after leaving a structured school environment
  • To build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • To increase the autonomy of developmentally delayed young adults on an emotional, social, societal and educational level within the community
  • To enhance social, teamwork, presentation, critical thinking, decision making and leadership skills in a business environment
  • To provide a part-time work experience that has the potential to lead to full time employment
  • To develop an appreciation for the challenge of entrepreneurship and the necessary steps for launching and maintaining a business
  • To prepare students to succeed in a business environment and to contribute to and be included in the business community
  • To promote a higher level of understanding of business and economic principles
  • To defend and promote the interests of developmentally delayed young adults
  • To sensitize the population on the needs of developmentally delayed young adults

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