Specialty Candles

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Specialty Candles

Light a Dream offers a variety of different specialty candles:

Beeswax Balloons

Beeswax balloons can be fun and decorative. They can also be adapted to a multitude of occasions in various colors.


Candle Buds

Candle buds come in different shapes and colors. Use with a diffuser for a great scent throw.


  Beeswax Balloons: $0.50 each     Candle Buds: $1.00 per package

Candle Cupcakes

Candle cupcakes are great for tea party decorations as well as amusing gifts for everyone.


Calla Lily

Calla lilies are great ideas for anniversaries, weddings, and special occasions.

  Candle Cupcakes: $3.75 each     Calla Lilies: $5.00 each

Fire Starters

Safe re-usable way to get that fire started on that peaceful evening.


Fluted Candles

An elegant twist to a typical tapered candle.

  Fire Starters: $1.00 each     Fluted Candles $10.00 each