This section will display the interests and activities of each student. 

Anas Tariq

Hi my name is Anas Tariq. I like to hang out with my friends Hagop and Lama. I really like cars and I am obsessed with one specific car: The Toyota Echo 2004. 

Pamela Scullion

Hi my name is 
Pamela. I have a dog named Zoe and she is a West Highland White Terrier. She is originally from England. I also work at Home Depot on Tuesdays and Fridays and I love painting. 


Light A Dream bags in this style of stripes are made by me. 


Anthony Rabi

Hello my name is Anthony. I love drawing characters, singing and going out to see movies with my family and friends.

I am an anime lover, I listen to music and like being with my friends and family. I love to go out biking to the Old Port of Montreal as well as painting.

Lisa Rakobowchuk

Hi my name is Lisa Rakobowchuk. My favourite colour is red. I love to cook and dance. I have a scar from my previous job on my left hand. 


Michael Piedimonte

My name is Michael. My main goal is to do what I like best
which is magic. I’m about passion and it gets me where I wanna go.

The powerful thing in magic is about believing in yourself and
being confident. I am also an amazing mind reader.

-Magic Mike

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