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Providing career training and vocational opportunities for adults with developmental delays since 1999. 


At Light a Dream, we believe that young adults living with intellectual disabilities and/or Autism are entitled to appropriate career training and vocational opportunities.


In recognition of the limited opportunities available to individuals with special needs, Light a Dream started a candle making business with the intention of promoting student's understanding of various business and economic principles. Through Light a Dream, students are provided with a safe and secure work environment where they can gain confidence and learn at their own pace. In addition, while working with us, they are enhancing their self-esteem, social, interpersonal decision-making and leadership skills. 

Our storefront located at 63B Donegani, Pointe-Claire, offers handmade quality candles made for you by special young adults. We have a wide variety of accessories and gifts that flows full  circle back into our community.

Your support of our program is vital to the success of our mission.

Our program involves partnerships between education and industry in an effort to better prepare the students for a successful vocational future. Through a mix of classroom experiences and hands-on training in a variety of job placements, we are able to develop their work and social skills and expand the students' career choice opportunities.


Who We Are

What We Do

Light A Dream incorporates many objectives in order to meet the educational and vocational needs of our young adults.  

Our main objective is to prepare students to succeed in a business environment by providing hands-on individualized training opportunities. 

Another of our objectives is to enhance social, communication, decision-making and leadership skills. 

Another objective is to increase our participants level of independence and autonomy so that they are better prepared to contribute to and be included in the business community.



Our store offers a wide variety of products to purchase and creative workshops for all ages. All of the candles for sale are made by our students in the program. We  also sell candle holders and other accessories imported from our trusted suppliers. We use high quality wax that burns clean. Our prices are competitive and every purchase helps our young people establish an appreciation for the challenge of entrepreneurship and the necessary steps for launching and maintaining a business. Special orders can be made by phone, email, online, Facebook, Instagram, or by visiting our store. 

Our products include: 
  • Scented and unscented tea lights, votives, and pillars

  • Soy candles

  • Customized orders

  • A wide variety of candle holders and accessories

  • Hand painted bags






We offer themed workshops which are tailored to meet the needs of various groups i.e adults, children, daycare, special needs etc.

Help raise money for your school with our fundraising opportunities; available for schools and groups. 

Customize your order pertaining to your personal needs or order large quantities for corporate events. 

Plan a candle-making workshop for your special day. We provide the instructions and supplies, and everyone gets to leave with what they've made.

Bring in your used containers and we will refill them with the colour and scent of your choice.

Order gift baskets with all your favourite products for special times of the year. 

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63B Donegani
Pointe-Claire, Quebec, H9R-2V9


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Partners for many years:
West Island Community Shares Organization.

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