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The Board of Directors

Andrea Bertalan

Andrea Bertalan


Andrea Bertalan is a Work Skills Consultant at the Lester B. Pearson School Board and President of Light a Dream

Michelle Potter Portrait_edited.jpg

Michelle Potter

Michelle Potter is a retiree and is the Director of Retail Operations. She is the founder of Light a Dream. 

Bill Mahon

Bill Mahon


Bill Mahon works at John Abbott College in the Student Activities Department and is the Light a Dream's Treasurer.

Antoinette Scarano

Antoinette Scarano


Antoinette Scarano is a retiree and acts as Light a Dream's Executive Secretary. 

Director of Retail Opertions

Additional Board Members

Christine Cruikshank

Amanda Gallant

Wendy Hedrich

Neil Himal

Jodie Lennon

Mark Kuchiran

Margo O`Donohue Edwards

Harley Schwartz

Ann Scullion

Michelle Potter

Honorary Board Members


Mary Schofield

Geoffrey Kelley

Don Stewart

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